Reviews and Testimonials

“Thorough, detailed, and impressive”

“I would say Chris is probably the most "medical-issue" oriented attorney I have come across in my 52 years of practice, and his preparation for depositions and trials (where I've been on the other side) is unbelievably thorough, detailed, and impressive.” 

— Dave Cleary, Vermont Defense Attorney and Mediator

“Ability to articulate a client’s position firmly and effectively”

“I have many years as a litigator myself (Fellow-ACTL), but now serve full time as a mediator. As such, I see hundreds of lawyers at mediation and am uniquely positioned to assess their advocacy skills. As a neutral with over 3,000 mediations completed, I see the very few lawyers who effectively combine the skills of an advocate with the commitment to a client’s case and the ability to respectively articulate a client’s position firmly and effectively. Chris is, frankly, first on my mental list of those few lawyers who have these talents.”

— James Spink, Vermont Mediator

“Zealous, professional advocacy”

“I have been privileged to conduct mediations throughout the Northeast and Christopher . . . has always been as prepared and creative as anyone I have worked with, including the $1,000 per hour New York City mass tort defenders . . . I have been privileged to work with Chris on many occasions. I have seen him in public sessions and private sessions within the realm of mediations and attest to his thorough and creative preparation and presentations, his zealous, but extremely professional advocacy, and his ability to work with co-counsel, opposing counsel, corporate representatives and clients. Chris has a wonderful way of disagreeing without being overly disagreeable. He also has the intelligence to handle very complex and significant matters while retaining his Vermont common sense.” 

— William Mulvey, Jr., Mediator


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