Vermont Car Crash Lawyer
Truck Accident Lawyer

Vermont auto accident attorney Chris Maley has represented hundreds of individuals injured or killed in:

  • Automobile accidents / car crashes
  • Tractor-trailer accidents
  • Truck crashes
  • Bus accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • ATV accidents

Commonly suffered injuries include whiplash, broken bones, internal injuries, facial disfigurement, scarring, and traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. The seriousness of the injuries in the firm's cases has ranged from sprains and strains to death.

Auto Accident Lawyer Chris Maley in Consultation photo

Chris works with some of the country's most renowned experts in the fields of motor vehicle accident reconstruction, metallurgy, biochemical and safety engineering, design and crashworthiness.

If you or a member of your family have suffered injuries or been killed as a result of a truck accident, car accident, motorcycle crash, ATV accident or S.U.V. crash, Chris would be happy to evaluate your case. You can contact him by email, or call collect at (802) 489-5258 to request a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Underinsured and Uninsured Claims in Vermont

Most motor vehicle insurance policies include coverage for injuries caused by uninsured and underinsured drivers. Therefore, if you, a family member or a passenger in your vehicle is injured due to the negligent operation of a driver without insurance or with inadequate insurance coverage, a potential claim against your own insurance policy or the policy of residents in your home may exist.

Many vehicles in Vermont are only insured up to $25,000 or $50,000. Given the cost of medical care and lost wages that often result from injuries sustained in automobile accidents, this amount of coverage may be insufficient. In instances where the damages exceed the amount of coverage of the negligent party, a victim may be able to make a claim against the Underinsured Motorist Coverage portion of the insurance policy of the non-negligent party.

There are many legal nuances to determining how much insurance coverage may be available to compensate victims of motor vehicle accidents. Often more than one insurance policy is involved. Caution should be exercised even when communicating with your own insurance company when there is a question regarding who will pay for the harm caused by a car accident. It is best to speak with a qualified personal injury lawyer prior to such communications.

The Vermont personal injury law firm  of Maley and Maley can help you understand the intricacies of insurance coverage questions, and pursuing an underinsured or uninsured claim. Chris and his team are ready to answer your questions. You can contact them by email or by calling collect at (802) 489-5258 to discuss whether you have a Vermont uninsured or underinsured motor vehicle insurance claim.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Vermont

If a drunk driver causes physical harm to another person, such a driver may be deemed negligent for purposes of a personal injury claim. In addition to being subject to criminal prosecution, the drunk driver will have to pay monetary damages to the injured victim. John and Chris have represented many families who have lost a loved one in a drunk driving wreck. Under certain circumstances, those who provide alcohol to a driver may also be liable for damages. Most states, including Vermont, have (dram shop) laws which impose liability on bars, restaurants and other establishments whose employees supply liquor improperly to those who injure third parties. Chris is experienced in bringing such claims to trial. Whether a claim against the supplier of alcohol has merit is dependent upon the facts surrounding the manner in which the alcohol was supplied.

If you or a family member has been injured or killed by a drunk driver, feel free to contact Chris by email or call (802) 489-5258 for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Vermont Law Pertaining To Motor Vehicle Accidents

Beyond the law which applies to all Vermont personal injury claims, the law governing personal injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents (including automobiles, cars, buses, trucks, motor cycles) can be found in Vermont's safety statutes (23 V.S.A. § 1031, et al.) and Vermont case law. Generally, drivers are required to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances in their operation of motor vehicles. Violation of Vermont's safety statutes constitutes a rebuttable presumption of negligence.

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